Spark plugs

Enrich your knowledge about spark plugs: From the basic structure to installation tips to maintenance - here you can find all of the information in one place.

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Glow plugs

Read more about the technology of glow plugs: From the function to the structure to tips for installation and maintenance..

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Ignition cables

Read all about the technology and functioning principle of ignition cables and receive installation and diagnostic tips from our experts.

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Ignition coils

How exactly is it possible to create igniting sparks of several thousand volts from the voltage of a 12 volt battery? You will find the answer to this and many other questions here!

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Lambda sensors

Gain insight in the world of lambda sensors. Familiarise yourself with the lambda control circuit, learn more about exhaust gases, catalytic converters and the effects of a defective lambda sensor.

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Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensors

What does an Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor do and where is it located? A small component with important functions. Protect your vehicle against overheating and engine damage.

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