Glow plugs

Well-functioning and reliable glow plugs are a crucial tool for every cold start. Through intensive research and innovative development work NGK always offers the latest technology and sets new standards in glow plug technology.

NGK glow plugs ensure fast ignition and thus environmentally-friendly combustion even at temperatures below freezing. In the process, they provide for optimal ignition conditions for injected fuel through the thermal energy transported into the combustion chamber.

Related topics

  • Functional principle of a diesel engine: Unlike the petrol engine, the diesel engine is a self-igniter. It requires the aid of a glow plug to ignite the mixture.
  • Pre-glowing: For a reliable cold start, even with low outside temperatures, diesel engines depend on the support of glow plugs.
  • Design of a glow plug: Glow plugs are basically differentiated between metal rod glow plugs and ceramic glow plugs.


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