Installation tips for ignition cables

  1. Any electrical connections of the ignition system may only be connected or disconnected with the ignition switched of.
  2. Ideally, a special ignition cable tool should be used. If such a tool is not available, the installation should always be carried out with tension or pressure on the spark plug connector. Pulling on the cable itself can cause it to become damaged or broken.
  3. Before pulling off the ignition plug socket, it is best to rotate it a quarter turn.
  4. Always pull the connector straight from the spark plug, since the ceramic part of the spark plug could be damaged otherwise.
  5. When routeing the cables, make sure that they are not bent or crushed. You should also avoid contact with hot engine parts.
  6. Each cable has a different length and is measured exactly. Therefore, it is essential to use the right cable for each plug.